Finally, daylight is stretching out into the evening. Finally, the snow and icy slush have abated (knock on Finally, I have balled up my thick wool sweaters and stashed them on the far shelves. I am wearing my pink coat, light scarves, leggings, and Oxfords. Birds and buds are showing off. Floral-print dresses adorn store windows. Sandals sing to me.  There's a whiff of warmth in the air, a promise that it's on its way--my favorite season.


Like the character, Summer, in my novel TWO SUMMERS, I love summer. (how many "summers" can one fit in a sentence?). I don't even mind when it gets so hot you wish you had a portable fan on your head and you can't do much more than eat ice cream cones and Popsicles and lazily flip-flop over to the air conditioned haven of a movie theater. I love stretching out on a blanket in Central Park, armed with sunglasses (like my bright-orange-framed pair that I got on Cape Cod last summer), sunscreen (my preferred is Neutrogena, SPF 45), a container of fresh fruit (I like a mix of strawberries, blueberries, and sliced kiwi), and, of course, a BOOK. A juicy, engrossing, delicious book that transports you (this summer, among many other books, I'm excited to read ELIGIBLE by Curtis Sittenfeld). I'll stay outside until it gets dark and the fireflies emerge. Can't think of anything much better.

And speaking of books--in exactly ONE month, right on the cusp of summer, my book TWO SUMMERS will be on bookstore shelves. April 26th! I'm excited and scared. It's been a few years since I had a new novel come out so I've forgotten how exhilarating and terrifying it feels, knowing that strangers will soon be reading your words.

If you wanna be like all the cool kids, preorder TWO SUMMERS today so it'll show up on your doorstep or on your e-reader come April 26th. AND come see me at the events I'll be doing in April/May to get your copy signed or just say hello. :) I'll be updating the events page as we get closer to pub date. I'm looking forward to meeting readers!

In the meantime, go ahead and get that iced coffee and pedicure and have fun dreaming of summertime...