Some wonderful news! BREAKING UP: A FASHION HIGH GRAPHIC NOVEL was named one of the Best Books for the Teen Age by the New York Public Library. This is a huge honor, considering librarians are total heroes of mine, and are very much the gatekeepers of what teens are reading. This past weekend, a ceremony was held in the main branch of the New York Public Library, that beautiful building on 5th avenue that is famously flanked by two stone lions. It was a gorgeous early spring day, and it was magical to be in a building full of books, surrounded by fellow writers, readers, librarians, teens, friends, and family--all of whom were passionate about literature. Cookies and drinks were there for the snacking, and the author Robert Lipsyte gave a great keynote speech about getting boys to read.  The only downside to the reception was that BREAKING UP's marvelous illustrator, Christine Norrie, couldn't be there, because she was sick with the flu! I missed her terribly, because without Christine's vision and talent for bringing my characters to life, there would be no BREAKING UP!
I've had readers of mine tell me that they've had trouble finding BREAKING UP in bookstores and libraries, because it's sometimes shelved in the graphic novel/manga section and other times shelved in the teen section. One surefire to always find the book is on Amazon or Otherwise, sure to ASK the people who work in the bookstore or library  about it. Booksellers--like librarians--are incredibly helpful, and can even order the book for you if you request it (I've done this many times with books I have been dying to read but haven't been able to dig up). I loved writing BREAKING UP, and I think you'll love reading it, too!
All best,